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Fall 2018

Shakespeare across Time and Space


Lisa Hopkins


Introduction: Early Modern Drama on Screen (pdf) Lisa Hopkins
Screening the Metatheatrical: Jan Švankmajer's Faust as Marlovian Adaptation (pdf) Andrew Duxfield
Time Travel and the Return of the Author: Shakespeare in Love, "The Shakespeare Code," and Bill (pdf) Janice Wardle
"Da quando ho conosciuto l'arte, 'sta cella è diventata 'na prigione": Cesare deve morire and the Unsettling Self-(Re-)Fashioning Power of Theater (pdf) Domenico Lovascio
"Everything thickens": Ngaio Marsh and an Intermedial Macbeth from New Zealand (pdf) Megan Murray-Pepper
The Player King and Kingly Players: Inverting Hamlet in Lee Joon-ik’s King and the Clown (2005) (pdf) Adele Lee
"Must I Remember?": Hamlet, History, and Helmut Käutner's The Rest is Silence (pdf) Douglas Lanier
Rivers of Story: Some Filmic Afterlives of Pericles (pdf) R. S. White

Digital Appropriation

Review of Shakespeare and the Players (pdf) Amy Borsuk

Book Reviews

Review of Imagining Shakespeare's Wife: The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway, by Katherine West Scheil (pdf) Emily Buffey
Review of The Shakespeare User: Critical and Creative Appropriations in a Networked Culture, edited by Valerie M. Fazel and Louise Geddes (pdf) Philip Gilreath


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