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Shakespeare in the American South


Christy Desmet and Sujata Iyengar


Shakespeare and the Duke

Swingin' Shakespeare From Harlem to Broadway (pdf) Fran Teague
Jazz, Shakespeare, and Hybridity: A Script Excerpt from Swingin' the Dream
Alan Corrigan
The Duke's Man: Ellington, Shakespeare, and Jazz Adaptation (pdf) Terence Hawkes
Minstrelsy, Jazz, Rap: Shakespeare, African American Music, and Cultural Legitimation (pdf) Douglas Lanier
Form and Character in Duke Ellington's and Billy Strayhorn's Such Sweet Thunder (pdf) Stephen M. Buhler

Performing Race / Gender in the Old and New South

Confession; or, the Blind Heart: An Antebellum Othello (pdf) Christy Desmet
They Were Always Doing Shakespeare: Southern Actresses and Shakespearean Appropriation (pdf) Robin Warren
The Old and New South: Shakespeare in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind (pdf) Darlene Ciraulo

Class and Country in the contemporary Southeast

A Way of Life Worth Preserving? Identity, Place, and Commerce in Big Business and the American South (pdf) Sharon O'Dair
Country Matters: Shakespeare and Music in the American South (pdf) Robert Sawyer

Shakespeare Festivals in the American South

"NC Shakes": The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival (pdf) Bethany Sinnott
Performing Shakespeare in the Old/New South, or What Happens When Shakespeare Is Your Middle Name (pdf) Susan Willis
"The Sun Looking with a Southward Eye upon Us": Shakespeare in South Florida (pdf) Kevin Crawford
Bard in a Barn: Iconography, Appropriation, and Shakespeare at Winedale (pdf) Matt Kozusko

Appropriations in Performance

Ophelia, by Douglas Huff (pdf) Mark Z. Muggli
Hamlet, Revenge of a King, by Herbert Newsome (pdf) Alan F. Hickman

Book Reviews

Shakespeare's Violated Bodies, by Paschale Aebischer (pdf) Rebecca De Haas
Spectacular Shakespeare, edited by Courtney Lehmann and Lisa S. Starks (pdf) Scott Reed


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