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Shakespeare for Children


Christy Desmet and Sujata Iyengar


"Crushing on a Capulet": Culture, Cognition, and Simplification in Romeo and Juliet for Young People (pdf) Sheila T. Cavanagh
Of Tails and Tempests: Feminine Sexuality and Shakespearean Children's Texts (pdf) Erica Hateley
Shakespeare and Education in the Lambs' Poetry for Children and Tales from Shakespeare (pdf) Darlene Ciraulo Daniel Schierenbeck
The "Shakesteen" Genre: Claire Danes's Star-Body, Teen Female Fans, and the Pluralization of Authorship (pdf) Angela Keam
Giving "to Airy Nothing a Local Habitation and a Name": William Shakespeare's Worlds of Imagination as Accessed through a Role-Playing Game (pdf) Justyna Deszcz-Tryhubczak


Macbeth Meets Alley Oop, and William Shakespeare Meets V. T. Hamlin and Tom Stoppard (pdf) Michael P. Jensen
Harry - Is that Potter, Percy or Plantagenet? A Note on Shakespeare's 1 Henry IV in the Transitional Novels of J. K. Rowling (pdf) Kathryn Jacobs

Exhibition Review

From Hornbooks to Comic Books: "Shakespeare for Children" (pdf) Meg Pearson

Appropriations in Performance

Bard for Babes (pdf) Sujata Iyengar
Honolulu Theatre for Youth's Rap Othello (pdf) Yu Jin Ko

Quinnopolis vs. Hamlet: A Review Cluster

Edited by Alice Dailey

re: vs. (pdf) Scott Newstock

Quinnopois vs. Hamlet at the 2006 SAA Meeting: An Introducion 

Alice Dailey
Francisco and Bernardo do Hamlet (pdf) Helen Ostovich
Still Crazy, After All These Years: Ophelia vs. Clementine (pdf) Regina Buccola
Quinnopolis vs. Hamlet: Pickers and Stealers (pdf) Paul Menzer
Hamlet vs. Quinnopolis vs. Hamlet (pdf) Peter Kanelos
Quinnopolis vs. Hamlet Performance Information and Clips (pdf)

Book Reviews

Berryman's Shakespeare, by John Berryman, edited by John Haffenden (pdf) Andy Frazee
Celtic Night, by Bridget O'Dwyer (pdf) Simon Gatrell
Novel Shakespeares, by Julie Sanders (pdf) Robin Warren


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